Crooked House

Session 22 - The quintessential quest

i.e. kill some liches

After returning from the wastes of Yanbu, everyone rested their weary bodies, somehow aware that great trials awaited them. St. Julius called everyone into this study and gave a brief history of the Necromancer wars. St. Julius and his companions thought they had destroyed all the Liches. But in the past decades him and several others “watchers” have noticed signs of a growing evil. It is now apparent that there are in fact two Liches active. One, Nickolas the Bad, has a stronghold and dwells somewhere underneath the ruins of the former imperial city, the Eternal City of the Sun. He has over 10s and 100s of years been quietly gathering his strength. Furthermore, in the lands of the old Witch Kings, dwells the Lich who was formerly known as Irene the Unsteady. Both of them must be destroyed by the players. This is the quest that St. Julius, in cooperation with the Fairie Queen and others, originally assembled the players together. (Except for Pierre…whose joining the party was an accident and not at all intended or even possibly desired).

St. Julius has also been keeping an eye on the old nemesis of the players, Michelle’s old master Fizboth. He had grown powerful to the point where St. Julius can no longer keep track on him by magical means. But, before he slipped of the crystal ball, St. Julius saw definite signs that Fizboth was aiming to become a Lich and beginning to secure the means. As a first quest, the players must find and destroy Fizboth, before two Liches become three.

To find Fizboth would not be easy. He could be in the Burdundy Kingdom, the Princely Free States, or even the ruins of Nekaloti, where the players had formerly banished evil. St. Julius had seen Fizboth in all three places. One clue existed – in order to become a Lich Fizboth would need to procure a phylactery. This would be some type of finely crafted item that could only be made in a handful of locations. The dwarfs or the elves could make one, but wouldn’t. Several large cities in the Burgundy Kingdom, the Princely Free States, or the Empire would have craftsmen of sufficient skill.

Also, the player would need to figure out what to do with the Moon Gazer and her crew. After some discussion the players decided to head back to Marsy, the port city where they had originally found Jeremiah. But, they had to sail back through the Goblin Isles to get there. The Goblins jelously gaurd the trade routes to the Spice Islands. On the second day of the three day journey through the Goblin Isles a Goblin ship sighted and gave chase to the Moongazer. During the night the players were able to stay ahead, but the goblin ship caught up around dawn. But quick thinking and two suggestion spells by Michelle and James were able to drive off the Goblin authories.

Back in Marsy, the players found a banking house to deposit their gold and convert some of their treasure – the house of Guillard and Carnot. They also offered the ship for sale to Jeremiah, who paid 7,000 gp. Messrs., Guillard and Carnot were able to direct the players to a skilled jeweler who learned his craft from the elves. After some discussion and a small suggestion spell, they were able to find out that this individual did indeed produce a phylactery for a client and had it shipped beyond the Burdundy kingdom. Putting two and two together, the players were able to figure out that Fizboth was likely in the ruins of Nekaloti.


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