Crooked House

Session 21

It doesn't matter how much treasure there is if there is a dragon also

After resting up from the manticore encounter, the players set on some serious magical recon. Using his abilities, Michelle spied out the insides of the Ear and the Woodpecker. A single pale skinned humaniod was observed in the Woodpecker, while several of the same type of creature was spied upon in the Ear. Also spied – a dragon flying in and out of what appeard to be a burrow beneath the Ear. It was red and not particuarly large for a dragon, but a dragon all the same.

The players decided to investigate the humaniod who was residing and apparently keeping lookout in the Woodpecker. Making sure the dragon was not in the skies, several of the players called their stone horses, “on prancer, on dancer, on cupid”, and scampered over to the Woodpecker. They managed to sneak inside without being seen and met the humaniod, who was awoken as they entered. The players asked this stange individual (who was of no race they had ever seen) all sorts of questions. Unfortunatly, he understood none of them. Much pantomime and hand motions ensued as the players desperatly tried to communicate, to no avail. The increasingly desperate motioning did manage, however, to provoke the already nervous humaniod. A quick combat ensued that turned out bad for the stranger. (and for the players, who were able to get not information).

Investigating the Ear was next. After careful waiting, the players entred through the dragon’s burrow, which they knew to be empty of the one dragon they had seen flying about. It was, however, full of mound upon mound of treasure. But, they were on a mission to save Black Dagger. Stairs led from the burrow into the heart of the Ear. Rooms, sleeping quarters, etc. were seen as they quietly snuck around, until they surprised one of the same humaniods. Much shouting, confusion, fighting, etc. followed in front of the large orb that St. Julius had described which held the psyche of Black Dagger. Most of the stange humaniods fell dead in the melee, except for one, who unfortunatly blinked into another plane of existance. The players quickly gathered the essense of their commrad and grabbed what quick loot they could. As the fled, a whole armed battalion of the same type of creature blinked back into their world, ready to do battle. The players, just in the nick of time, threw down their black stone figurines, and with an “on vixen,” etc. escaped in the nick of time back to St. Julius’s isle.


I, for one, am shocked by the display of focus and good sense that befalls a small party of adventurers. A larger group would have ended Demonbreun’s career one session too early via the twin devils of avarice and argument.

Session 21
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