Crooked House

Session 15 - Are we there yet?

Meeting St. Julius

The Dock Gaurdian led the players through the magically well maintained isle until they arrived at a low wooden fence. On the other side was a empty suit of armor holding a halbard. On the halbard was a mouth which spoke – “The master would like to see you, but first, could you help me with my friend problem.” The suit of armor handed two clay puzzles to the party. “For this one, we are missing a freind. For the other, find the one that has no friend.” The players gathered to figure out the two puzzles, which were collections of oddly colored shapes. After some figureing, they solved the puzzle and the Gate Gaurdian let the through. The Dock Gauridan led them further down a stone lane past almond trees to a small tidy stone cottage. Once inside, the Dock Gaurdian said, “The master is waiting for you in the study.”

They walked into the study to find an old man at a cluttered desk in fine robes. All around were full book shelves, while the walls were decorated with swords, armor, and paintings. “Well Hello, I’ve been waiting for such a long time, Greetings…” and the old man greeted them each by name. After some puzzlement and coaxing, the players learned from the old man that

  • He was St. Julius the Humble of the Seven Good Men
  • He had masterminded most of their adventure by communicating with the Fairy Queen and the leader of Breca Wahrhaft and James the Angry Half-Elf ’s Orders.
  • While legend says that St. Julius, along with Nikolas the Lich Slayer were killed by Leo the Dark, St. Julius had in-fact survived the battle when he accidentially drank a Lich -making potion, which he has mistaken as a healing poition
  • There was a growing tide of undead. There still lived Lich under the remains of the Eternal City of the Sun. Also, several wizards, including Fizboth, were attempting to become Liches.
  • They were asked to take on the task of fighting the undead hordes by taking on 4 quests.

The players agreed. At one point, after thinking about St. Julius’s age, James the Angry was able to see through the illusion and see St. Julius the good-lich’s true form – a rotting skeletal figure in rich clothes.

For the first quest the players journeyed to one of the near-by Hidden Isles to a pyramid full of mummies. After some exploration they found them. The mummies put up a fierce battle. Demonbreun was knocekd unconcious after going toe-to-toe with two mummies, while Breca Wahrhaft was nearly brought to that point. All the players were helpful, although Sage Redfield “Hunter of Orcs” initially fled in terror. James cast a fireball spell from a scroll to finish off the remaining undead. Due to the curse of mummy rot, none of their damage could be magically healed.

The badly beat up party (who only plundered the undead portion of the pyramid) encountered a horde of ghouls on the way back to the Moon Gazer, but James was able to turn them. They retunred to the Isle of the Good Lich to find St. Julius most cross – “Your quest was to cleanse Pyramid Island from the foul undead presense. Yet the whole horde of ghouls still remains! Finsh them and you will be able to heal your friends.”

A mostly unconcious Demonbreun stayed in St. Julius and Hilbert(the Dock Gaurdian)’s care. The rest of the party returned, some what grumpily, to Pyramid Island. After some searching they found and destroyed the ghoul party.

On the ship ride back to Isle of the Good Lich the players were able to rest up and the benifit of experience from the fighting. James was able to heal the mummy rot in all the characters. Upon returning, St. Julius granted Breca the Holy Sword of Nicolas the Lich Slayer. He granted each of the other characters a wonderous item – a mighty mace to James, a powerful throwing hammer to Sage, a protective ammulet to Demonbreun, and a cloak to Michelle.

Upon examining their goods and resting for two weeks, the players inquired about the second quest. St. Julius responded – “on a nearby island, a vile vampire enslaves an entire village…”


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