Crooked House

Session 13 - You can lead a boat to water, but you can't make it....

The victorious party took a few days to regain their bearings, bandage their wounds, and investigate their loot. The boat (“The Moon Gazer”) was heavily damaged by several years of neglectful treatment by the ogres. But James-the-angry managed to cast the scroll and got the boat floating slightly above the ground. But pushing the 60 ton boat back to water proved tricky and it took several days.

On the fifth day one of the sharp eyed players spotted nosy figures in the woods spying on them. This was a portent of bad things to come. Upon reaching the riverbank, they found an entire company of Rock Orcs waiting for them. The orc captain declared that our band of heroes had broken Rock Orc law by assaulting and murdering lawful inhabitants and stealing their property. They were ordered to surrender. Obviously they didn’t.

All of a sudden several members of the party got an irresistible urge to charge the Orc battle lines. Arrows were unleashed and the melee was joined. Fortunately Sage cast an entangle which subdued the half of the orc forces, including the captain and the orc mage. The players made a powerful assault, particularly against the orc sargents, but then were surprised by an orc contingent emerging from their rear.

The battle looked grim for awhile, and both Ryktbar, Denumbreun, and James needed emergency triage during the battle. Finally the tide turned and the players were able to rout the orcs.


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