Verum Mortem, The Lich Slayer

Sword of Nikolas the Lich Slayer, Holy Avenger

weapon (melee)

Name – Verum Mortem, the Lich Slayer

Description – This is a long sword of superb craftsmanship. The blade is constructed of the finest quality steel and is approximatly 40 inches long with a broad fuller, sharp on both sides, and a coming to a fine point. The cross gaurd is 7 inches across and ends with small steel spheres at each end. The hilt is finely wrapped and ends in a large finely engraved pommel with the following inscription – “Δίνω αληθινό θάνατο και να διατηρήσει την πραγματική ζωή”

Game details:
+5 Holy Avenger
Magic resistence 50% at 5’, Dispel Magic @ 5’
+10 dmg against CE opponents
17 intellegence

- Detect evil, 10’ (at will)
- Detect large traps, 10’ (at will)
- Protection from undead draining (1/day)
- Speech and Telepathy


The sword was created during the Witch wars to fight agains the undead hordes. Blessed by clerics and enchanted by wizards, this sword is a artifact of extream power.

After Nikolas was slain at the Catastrophe, St. Julius secretly recoved the wepon and fleed to the Hidden Isles. After cleansing on the isles, he built a small hermitage and the Verum Mortem passed into legend. More than 300 years later the sword was given to Breca Wahrhaft.

Verum Mortem, The Lich Slayer

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