Makeda Stoneheart

Elf mage-fighter


Physical Characteristics: 135 years old. 5’8, 140 lbs. Dark brown skin, violet eyes and long, curly violet hair (dyed to match). Has weak eyes for an elf, so she wears glasses.

Species: Gold (Sun) Elf—- (Ar-Tel’Quessir)

Classification: Fighter-Mage
Orientation: Good

Personality: Makeda is bookish—she spends much of her free time in her spell books. She is friendly and cheerful, especially for a sun elf, but prone to being overly thoughtful and depressed. Not prone to violence, she likes to access a situation before using her bow or spells.

Unlike other Sun Elves, Makeda is curious about other cultures and well traveled. She is good friends with the Bard Rykbald, with whom she has travelled and performed for many years.



Makeda was born as Gwyhfer Bloodstone in the Western Highlands to a merchant-jeweler family of sun elves. Makeda has a large family for elves, two older brothers and one younger sister. Makeda is homliest sister because of her weak eyes—she still had far superior sight than a human. Despite her poorer vision, she was the most skilled of her sisters at jewelry making.
She was gifted in arcane magic which she used to perfect her craft She also wore glasses in order to do the delicate work of her family busines. Her brothers chose to be scholars and focus on arcane magic rather than the family trade.

The Bloodstone’s were master craftsmen—their jewelry being favored by human and elven nobility
alike. When she came of age, Makeda began working in the family shop.

Her younger sister, Nyota came to the attention of the Lord Amhen’s son who offered for her to be his mistress. The family refused. The Lord’s son took Nyota anyway, raping her. Nyota died as a result of the rape. Makeda’s brothers challenged the lord’s son to a duel to avenge Nyota. Makeda worried that she’d lose her brother’s too. They were still very young. So, she cast a sleeping spell on them and challenged the Lord’s son in their place. She barely managed to best the Lord’s son. When her identity was revealed, Lord Amhen was incensed that a woman had bested his son, and ordered her to be arrested and executed. Makeda fled.

Makeda traveled throughout Faerun for forty years, changing her name and using magic to change her hair from black to violet and her eyes from green to violet to hide her identity. She studied and practiced magic and combat until she became adept at both in order to protect herself. She eeked out a life using her skills to survive—sometimes stealing what she needed. Unlike other sun elves, Makeda traveled widely among humans and other races, living and training alongside them. Fifty years after fleeing her home, she came across the half-elven bard Rykbald, who rescued her from a gang of slavers. They became friends and traveled and worked together. Rykbald is the only person Makeda has told about her true identity and life as a fugitive.

Makeda sometimes performs alongside Rykbald, dancing and playing tamborine while he sings. Makeda isn’t that gifted of a dancer for a sun elf, but to humans and lower elves, she appears very graceful.

Makeda’s goals are to see and travel as much of the world as she can, to master arcane magic and one day settle somewhere for a quiet life. However, her biggest goal is to be able to see her family again. But, as long as Lord Amhen lives, she is a fugitive.

Makeda Stoneheart

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