An enormous man with flat face and mottled skin. He might not be all the way human.


Level 5 Fighter
17,694 XP
Neutral male half-human

Str 18/00
Dex 15
Con 14
Int 13
Wis 10
Cha 9

hp 35
AC 2 (splint mail, Dex adjustment)
Poison/paralysis/death 11
Rod/staff/wand 13
Petrify/polymorph 12
Breath weapon 13
Spell 14

Talisman of Protection Vs Undead

  • Undead are -1 to hit wearer
  • Protection from level drain

ThAC0 16
+1 Two-handed sword: +5 to hit, 1d10+9 damage
Attacks: 3/2

Weapon Proficiencies
Two-handed sword

Non-weapon Proficiencies
Reading/writing (1 slot, Intelligence, +0)
Carpentry (1slot, Strength, +0)
Etiquette (1 slot, Charisma, +0)
Thaumaturgy (1 slot, Intelligence, +0)
Riding, land-based (1 slot, Wisdom, +3)

City Watch Abilities
vs. undead:
+1 to hit, +1 damage
+1/5 levels to saves vs. undead necromancy
Wilderness Survival proficiency
Reduced followers at 9th level

Experience Gain Opportunities
5 xp per point of damage. X2 on crits.
50 xp for each creature killed in solo combat.


Demonbreun knows nothing about his birth parents. He was taken from an orphanage by the wizard, Madilck, as part of an experiment in nature vs. nurture. Could the mage raise a monstrous baby to be a civilized human?

Saddling the child with a name only a wizard could love, Madilck hired a nanny to raise the child and set about a rigorous educational process. Demonbreun grew quickly and showed a great facility for learning, but far less for application. A broad education taught him principles of magic, religion, woodcraft, etiquette, falconry, orienteering, riding, calligraphy, and combat. The only area in which he showed aptitude was the last; there he was a prodigy.

The wizard had more curiosity than care for his charge, and thought little of putting him in mortal danger to test a passing hypothesis. The main opponent Madilck used to teach his pupil was shambling undead — disposable, tireless sparring partners. Had Demonbreun not taken to swordplay so effortlessly, the putrid horrors would have overcome him. Instead, he learned to know and hate their ways.

Near Demonbreun’s adulthood, Madilck declared the experiment concluded, and unceremoniously dispatched Demonbreun from his demesne. With only one marketable skill, the young man fell into mercenary work.

When a job took him into the Core Lands, he encountered his childhood foes again en masse. He also found the loose affiliation of warriors known as the City Guard, who take the charge of protecting the lost cities and towns of the fallen Core Lands from their undead inhabitants. The City Guard wasn’t quite a calling, but it felt more rewarding that guarding merchants or legbreaking for loan sharks.

While doing reconnaissance on the necromancer Calamantus in the Fortress of Nekoloti, Demonbreun encountered a band of adventurers with similar goals. He’s fallen in with them.


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