Crooked House

Session 5

should we put the key in the key-hole?

It was decided that three of the players, Makeda Stoneheart, BlackDagger, and Ryktbat Svanstone should gaurd the entrance to the fortress, lest other orc parties ambush them. The remaining characters (Breca Wahrhaft, Mary Silfot, James the Angry half-elf, and Michelle the beefy mage, continued exploring the dungeon. They happened upon an orc living quarters and were ambushed by several females. After this encounter and avoiding several trapped doors, the characters journeyed deeper into the dungeon to a natural cave section. They found a chained bear and decided to leave well enough alone.

They then found a series of formerly well appointed rooms off the cave, in what appeared to be a former spa. They were ambushed by a strange creature pretending to be a diamond in a reflecting pool, found some strange gold coins hidden in old bath towels, and then were caught in the power of a strange broach on a pedestal. Most of the characters wished not to endure the painful laughing spells, but James the angry needed a good laugh and finally managed to take the broach.

They then found a secret room with several key holes. After a good deal of arguing, they put the key in the hole and found a strange sword appeared. When Breca tried to grab the sword, and stout warrior emerged from a painting on the wall. The players managed to deal massive damage to the warrior, who seemed unfazed. After 5 minutes of intense fighting the illusion disappeared and the players were left with the sword.

Realizing they needed the help of their companions, they ventured up to the surface. Along the way they found a statue with a drawer that was unlocked by the strange gold coins. In the drawer was a spell book. They also found the grizzly sight of some freshly decapitated soldiers in another room.


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