Crooked House

Session 3

Weltheran is Found! Let's visit Guise!

The players started the session by finding Weltheran in the Fairy world. Despite Rykbar behaving badly at the Fairy Queen’s feast, Crystambula was still kind to them. The Players managed to convince Weltheran to go home to his family, and the Queen gave the Illuminator of Erinkos to Mary Silfot, and told her the location of the lost sword of Nikolas the Lich Slayer. The Queen also gave Makeda Stoneheart a scroll to “find a familiar friend.”

The players returned Weltheran to his village, Makeda cast the scroll and got a hawk for a familiar, and Mary used Mad Maximus’s rod of divination to find the Ruby of Chartik. It gave them a riddle to seek out magic user working for the Duke of Guise.

The players journeyed to Guise, but were ambushed along the way by bandits, who demanded the return of certain rubies from Black Dagger. A fight ensued and the attackers were slain, but immediately after a cloaked figure on horseback shouted threats and then rode off. The encounter did leave the party marginally better of financially than before, due to the chain mail the attackers wore.

The players journeyed to Guise and stabled in the Inn of the Black Sheep after giving their heavy arms to the guards at the gate. Rykbar made a good impression with his music, James and Mary scoped for information on the court magicians, and Black Dagger got his daggers sharpened. Mary and James scoped out the Learned Corner of town, and after talking to ???? the Diviner, found out that Fizboth the Fabulous was not only widely feared and despised, but also probably the person they needed to talk to.

The next day the whole party visited, and after some political theater struck a deal with Fizboth – the players would retrieve the Ruby of Chartik, they would share the map with Fizboth, and the Illuminator of Erinkos would be left in trust with ???? the Diviner during their journey.

After the session 2 players – Rykbar and Mary were able to level up.


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