Crooked House

Session 18 and 19 Log

Ding dong, the vampire is dead, the wicked ...

The valiant heroes spend much time exploring the crypts at the roots of the fortress. Many horrors awaited them as they opened the various tombs. A she vampire here, a ghost here, a wight there. At one point, anyone stepping beyond a certain point was teleported to a mysterysous dark room and in their place a foul undead monster. Finally, the found a place of refuge, a holy place a midst the foul desecration: the tomb of Ignatius’s brother. There they found rest, and a +2 suit of plate mail. They also found that the “villager” whom they rescued in the dungeouns refused to enter the place of respiate, and in the end revealed himself as a werewolf.

After resting for over a day, they adventured again through the crypts. There they found “pee”, aka Pierre de Ruffec. Pee had been captured by the vampire and left to rot in a tomb. The party found him after he had been a long time sitting in his own feces and in poor spirits. But, after rescue he quickly recovered and joined the party in their noble quest. He, like Demonbreun, was a member of the secretive City Watch.

Finally, they party found their way into the very heart of the castle – the tomb of Ignatius. There they found the foul beast and made combat with his minions. Though the battle was long, and Sage Redfield “Hunter of Orcs” bore the largest brunt of Ignatius’s onslaught, the vampire was finally destroyed.

After some rest, the party returned to the combat that they had fled from some time ago – the two Iron Goleums guarding a treasure chest. This time, they were prepared. Many blessings and incantations prepared them including a haste spell. The golumns were no match this time. They fell in short order and with no casualties.

After figuring out the magical traps guarding the chest, the players found the most wondrous of items – a deck of cards that dealt fates both foul and fair. James received the best of fates, as did Michelle. Fate went worst for Demonbreun, who aquired some type of immortal enemy. But the draw went worst of all for BlackDagger, whose mind was captured and his body left dumb.

The party escaped the dungeon, but on the way back to Wengen, ran into trouble with the gypse band who had been serving Ignatius. The gypsies had set a trap of both magic and arrows for the party as they headed back through the forest. Though difficult, they were in the end defeated. They returned to the town as heroes and banished the last of the oppressors. A deal was made with the people of Wengen – the heroes returned a large portion of the treasure found in Hawkwatch to the villages in return for the villages getting the rest of the loot to the Moongazer, which was still waiting in anchor.


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