Crooked House

Session 12 - The ogres, the castle, and the boat

unlucky paladin, lucky dust devil

Session 12 found the players holed up in a decrepit fortress – “Grunwald”, an old outpost of the old Eternal Empire of the Sun, which low lay in the middle of no-man’s land, in the wilderness between the Rock Orcs and the Granite Dwarves. All of the wooden structures had decayed and collapsed years ago, and much of the surrounding stonework had started to collapse. But the players used their ingenuity to put the decay of the foretress to their advantage. James the Angry surmised that one of the walls to be rigged to collapse. The PC’s worked at making it so. Black Dagger and his bow would be posted atop the old keep; Denumbreun, Michelle, and Ryktbar guarding the flank in the woods; and James, Sage, and Breka stationed in the keep as both bait and springed bar in the “mouse trap”.

No sooner had to the trap been set, then a party of ogers came into view. Black Dagger started shooting arrow and the enraged ogres charged, especially after seeing the bait at the top of a small earthen ramp. The stone wall collapsed on queue and the melee was joined. The party was victorious, but not easily.

After healing up and scouting with their woodland friends, the party decided they needed to rest. They set a camp far into the woods, but not far enough. In the middle of the second watch, they were ambushed by the giant skeletal warriors on patrol. Though it took many blows with sword and hammer, the skeleton warriors were finally dispatched. The party prepared for the final assault on the boat. The Owl intelligence said there were four or five ogres in the boat plus one ogre with fancy clothes – the ogre mage, Chief of the tribe.

Ryktbar sang a rousing war ballad, while the clerics blessed the party. The party coax the ogres out of the boat, and then used the Horn of blasting. They set upon the stunned ogres. Well several the party members battled the ogres, the ogre magi prove to be more than a match. Magic missiles bounced off of the ogre magi – spell against spell: levitate countering fly, fairy fire countering invisibility, sheer will countering charm and suggestion. In the end, repeated use of the Horn of blasting and an extremely accurate dust devil help to carry the day. Unfortunately, the party did not emerge from the encounter unscathed. Breka’s magic sword was accidentally broken by a powerful blow from an ogre.

But all of the ogres lay slain and the giant skeletal warriors were finally allowed to rest. The large two masted galleon belonged to the party.


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