Crooked House

Notes from August 1, 2014

Sergei muv thrones

We explored more of the castle.

Eventually we finally took James’s course of rappelling down into the crypt below the chapel.

There, we found two coffins holding ignatius’s brother (Sergei) and sister. In Sergei’s coffin was the hilt of Sergei’s sword. It flew to the blade we were carrying and magically bonded to it, making itself whole.

Demonbreun took up Sergei’s sword going forward. The only way out of this room was a set of stairs going up. Midway up the stairs was a blue curtain of energy. Only the paladin could pass through normally. Everyone else who tried was teleported to the top of the stairs—there was no going back down for the rest of the party.

In the crypt at the top of the stairs, roughly 30 10×10 mausoleums stood around the great room at regular intervals. We checked out the six in the center of the room, forcing our way into each mausoleum. There was a vampire in one, a banshee in another, two were unmarked and empty. The other two contained two dead bodies that were not undead.

A fear effect from the banshee scattered everyone all over the crypt, which incidentally allowed us to explore the rest of the room in the panic. We studied the inscriptions on every mausoleum in the north side of the room, but didn’t keep opening mausoleums because we were pretty beat up after the banshee.

We discovered a larger blessed space behind a portcullis where Sergei was buried, the only place in the entire castle that Breka didn’t get an overwhelming sense of evil. We opened it, but Vlad Morton wouldn’t go into the space, claiming the Sergei was a terrible man and the legends were twisted.

James threw his mace of disruption to Vlad, who caught it, but burned himself in the process. We called his bluff and were about to fall on him, when he turned into a wolf and fled. We were too beat up to chase him, and couldn’t outrun a wolf, so we let him go.

We rested in there, healed up, and then searched the room. The only person who could open the tomb of Sergei was the paladin. Inside, he found a wrinkled corpse and Sergei’s +2 plate mail in excellent condition. Despite his objections about grave robbing, the party badgered Breka into taking the armor. He looked very handsome.

After nearly a full day of resting, casting healing spells, and resting again, we left Sergei’s blessed space and walked across the symmetrical crypt to what we knew would be a mirrored room on the other side, likely holding Ignatius’s tomb.

Everyone who crossed the threshold into that space was teleported into a coffin in one of the mausoleums. All of their equipment was magically teleported onto undead monsters, wielding their weapons and wearing their armor. Sage and James had to fight monstrous versions of Breka and Demonbreun.

Meanwhile, Breka and Demonbreun had to break out of a room full of coffins that also contained several wights. Demonbreun bashed his open and then battered down the door. Break also broke out of his coffin. Meanwhile James also crossed the threshold and wound up in a coffin. Sage dispatched the undead James monster as well.

Fifteen wights faced the party in the crypt, as the stripped party members raced to regain their weapons. A pitched battle ensued, including Sage suffering level drain from their attacks. Then the party went back to Sergei’s tomb to rest up before returning to exploring the castle.


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