City Gaurd - Figher Class Kit

The City Guard were once constables, long long ago during better days. They were charged with keeping the Eternal City of the Sun safe from theives (petty and otherwise) and guarding the general order. How quaint. Now, they are the ones who take the charge of protecting the lost cities and towns of the fallen Core Lands from their undead inhabitants.

It is a matter of debate as to whether the current City Guard is decended directly from those original policemen of the Eternal City – those few hearty folks who eschewed flight to the Silver City, instead staying in the ruins of their beloved home town. Or, if they are a motley band of farmers and mercenaries borrowing the former glories of the empire.

In the end, the debate does not matter – these guys hate the undead like no other. These are the disillusioned souls who, through misfortune and unluck, have aquired a burning ire for all creatures of the negative material plane. For them, there is no threat more grave to the universe or no mistake of nature more henous than the undead. Nothing in the world will be made right until every last undead creature is destroyed – every skeleton shattered, every zombie bludgeoned, every vampire decapitated and set afire, and especially every lich and necromancer annihilated.

(they are kind of like the John Birch Society, but they hate the undead instead of commies)

They form a loose band of fighters, coordinating where possible and typically answering the call of the Council of Shire-riefs when called. But, they tend to roam the wastes and ruins of the Core Lands alone, with an eye towards destroying the next band of roaming zombies, defiling the next possible Wight burrow, or slaying the next aspiring necromancer trying to make a name for himself.

2nd Edition Kit rules:

+1 attack/ +1 dmg. vs. undead
+1 every 5 levels for saving throws vs. undead or necromancy
gets a saving throw to avoid level draining (also for similar type undead draining effects)
bonus proficiency – undead lore (on intelligence)

Must take wilderness survival proficiency
Only attracts limited followers at 9th level – “apprentice” City Gaurds
Must make wisdom check to avoid attacking undead.

City Gaurd - Figher Class Kit

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