Crooked House

Session 1

Rykbar and Makeda are working for cloth merchant Ricardo, on the way to visit trade fairs in the Burgundy Kindgoms. While on the road they are attacked by bandits.

Black Dagger, a ranger who had been tracking the bandits, sees the attack and decides to help. The bandits are routed, but ? is wounded in the attack. The PCs journey to a nearby village to find a place for ? to recover. While in X, they learn that the local miller has disappeared while journeying to town to buy more grain. They are convinced by the villagers, after much difficulty, to help locate the missing miller, and hopefully the critical seed grain that the village needs. They journey north to town to try find the miller, and spot tracks and cart marks heading off towards the dark forest. Also seen are ravens flying overhead.

Session 2
The Search for Weltheran Continues

Black Dagger, Makeda, and Rykbar continued on their quest to find the missing miller, missing miller, Weltheran. They leave the High Road and head into the dark forest. An overturn cart and dead oxen was found surrounded by carrion birds. The birds attacked after a croaked warning by the leader.

Mary and James-the-Angry stumbled upon this scene and decided to help. After some trials and an almost pecked out eye, the birds were destroyed. The two groups decided to join forces for the time being, and continued to search for Weltheran. After some adventures in the woods, Welteran’s tracks entered a fairy ring and the party stepped through in pursuit.


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