Human, Ranger, Level 2


AC=6 (Surprised=8; Shieldless=6, Rear=6)


-Short Bow (# Attacks=2)
-Long Sword (# Attacks=1)
-Daggers (# Attacks =2)


Blackdagger met Makeda and Rykbald in helping them fend off a band of thieves in the woods where he was patrolling. In aiding them to a nearby village, he has now not once, but twice been rolled into larger adventures that challenge the skills he has honed in the protection of the forest. Maybe this, after all, is what he has been practicing and waiting for.

He is secretive and protective of his origins, and treats his partners and new acquaintances with suspicion.

Certain encounters as of late have called into question his loyalties, as he has been discovered to own an onyx ring known to belong to a band of thieves. Yet he has so far shown himself to be a contributor to each cause, and in most ways helpful, save a few unfortunate throws of his blade.

While in the recesses of the Orc Castle, Blackdagger and his party rescued an elf warrior named Sage, held prisoner in a kitchen – - Blackdagger shudders to think what might have happened had they not happened upon him. Honorless orc devils…

While his true purposes here in the castle are not transparent, the elf has been true, and has great fortitude, as was demonstrated in one particular battle.

Seeking respite in a deserted room, the band were just into their first watch when Rykbald and Breca heard voices. They called the rest of the party to wake, moments before seige was laid to the door they had barricaded with a table. As soon as the door was destroyed, an orc wizard sent Michelle, Breca and Sage into an enchanted sleep, while 2 archers, an orc cleric and 4 orc warriors closed in on the band. Blackdagger himself sent one orc to his hellish fate, but owes his life to Mary, who slapped the sleepers awake, and Sage the strong in particular, who, along with Breca, held the orcs at bay.

It is still eternal night; one without slumber.


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