Crooked House

Session 9

He'll recieve a fair trial and then be executed...

The flock was scattered and in trouble! Will the Holy Sword of Nikolas the Lich Slayer ever be found?!

Breca Wahrhaft had been disarmed and captured. James the Angry Half-Elf, Sage, and Michelle had fled to the Temple of Saint Fin. There they found a good hearted soul in Friar Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre sheltered them and healed their wounds. Meanwhile, Ryktbat Svanstone and BlackDagger fled Fizboth’s burning house without finding the Illuminator of Kos and caught up with Demonbreun and Mary Silfot. They all headed back to the Inn of the Black Sheep, where the kindy inn-keeper Frank did not rat them out the City Gaurd.

The next morning, a mysterious vaguely elven woman met Breca and offered to defend him before the Duke of Guise. But, it was not looking good. The other party members we told of the trial, either from Friar Jean-Pierre or from Frank. Frank also passed along a rumor about an approaching army.

The trial began in the town square, and it was not good for Breca. Fizboth and his servants all testified as to the murderous intent of the players. But, then an army was spotted coming over the hill and the whole town was thrown into chaos (and one poor city gaurd was thrown over the wall). Guise parlayed with the Duke of Macon, who had a sizable mercenary army with him. Guise turned to Fizboth for help in driving off this opposing army. Fizboth, however, quickly sized up the odds and decided to abscond from town under the pretense of “going back to the keep to fetch some magical instruments” to drive the army away.

Unfortunately for Fizboth, only 2 soldiers, but all pc’s (except Breca, who was still in the klink) followed and ambushed him. Ryktbat, in particular, cut down two of the keep’s gaurds who were standing in the way (alignment issue?). But, this gave Fizboth just enough time to get to his lab. Despite several magic missles, he dimension door-ed away just before the players could cut him down. The PC’s ransacked his lab, then got Breca out of the hoosegow. The only thing left was to search for the Illuminator. They searched the keep after Breca told them that the Duke’s gaurd had found it in the rubble of Fizboth’s house. On the way to the Duke’s private office, they found his family. The Duchess of Guise offered Ryktbat a nice flute after he threatened to kill her (definite alignment problem). They found both the Illuminator and a great quantity of gold, which Breca insisted they not take (as an LG character might).

After seeing the side gate heavily guarded, the PCs decided to climb the back wall while the City Gaurd was busy with the invading army. Ryktbat scaled the rear wall, threw down a rope, and the party got out of Dodge, Ruby, Illuminator, and all. The quest is saved!


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