Crooked House

Session 8

...and we thought it was such a good plan

The massive DemonBreun had been staking out the Fortress of Nekoloti after hearing from his fellow “city gaurd” that the place was not only crawling with undead, but that a necromancer had taken up residence. After two days of careful but uneventful observation, DemonBreun knew something was afoot when a woman smashed through a a high window only to float down to earth, all the while dogging arrows from the fortress. Investigating, he found a company of heroes had already slain the necromancer. They joined company, realizing that their goals were in sync.

The orcs, who the party had managed to maintain an easy truce with, showed them the “haunted” room with the ruby. Breka detected the presence of evil, and the players were warned about “death and un-death” when Mary approached the ruby on a pedestal. A trap was unfortunalty missed, and Breka and Michelle got splashed with acid when the ruby was removed. Not only that, 4 zombies sprung our of niches in the wall. One nearly bit Breka’s arm off, but Sage managed to turn the foul creates.

After getting the Chartik Ruby, the players left the Fortress (after some tense moments with the orcs). It was at this point that Michelle has a confession – he was quite sure that Fizboth was going to double-cross the party. He told them of a small magical metal bird that he was supposed to release after they left the Fortress. The players hatched a plan to wait until they were within sight of Guise before releasing the bird.

On the way back, they ran into some unsavory characters along the way claiming to be part of the “Black Hand”, who has some type of beef with Black Dagger.

Once in sight of the City of Guise, the players let go of the bird. A short while later, they saw Krok, Fizboth’s valet and a person with some skill with a blade, depart the city on horse back. They took it as a sign that Fizboth did indeed plan to double cross them. At this point, an elaborate plan was hatched, whereby Mary would sneak in to his house and paralyze Fizboth. The rest of the players would be waiting outside in case anything went wrong. And boy oh boy, did things go wrong.

Sage and Demonbreun had their weapons confiscated upon entering the city. Breka, coming separately with black dagger turned on his charm to avoid a similar fate, while Michelle clumsily bribed a guard. Later that night they managed to avoid the patrols enough to rendezvous in the alley behind Fizboth’s manse. Mary, however, found all the doors trapped with traps she couldn’t quite figure out. Climbing to the second floor, she couldn’t get the window open. Breka’s righteous furry for vengeance (too righteous?) was impatient, so he knocked down the garden door. Demonbreun at the did the same for the front door. They rushed in and Michelle gave the servents a , “we’re taking down Fizboth…you’re either with us or against us!” They fled. Breka and Demonbraun rushed upstairs to find Fizboth out of bed and ready for a fight. Breka was vampiric touch’ed by a spectral hand, but gave Fizboth back a smack with the sword. Fizboth’s contagion was not able to infect the paladin. Demonbreun, fighting with the unfamiliar long sword lent to him by Michelle, was ineffective. Yet, Breka’s sword and Michelle’s magic missles made Fizboth think of escape. First he started blinking around the room, then into mid-air above the garden. He landed on an unsuspecting Black Dagger, then demension-door’ed away to safety just as Mary and Demonbreun came crashing through the second floor windows after him.

In the meantime, Fizboth’s other apprentice (besides Michelle) had joined the battle, faithful to his master. Seeing his master flee and his enemies multiply, he evoked a massive fireball at his feet – killing himself and nearly killing Michelle.

James, Ryktbar, and Black Dagger rushed in to save Michelle and the others. The latter two searched Fizboth’s now on-fire house while everyone else scattered. Breka tried to intercept the city guard while James and Sage carried Michelle the other way to the temple. Mary and Demonbreun, who had been trying to follow Fizboth, got scarce real quick. Black Dagger and Ryktbar spent another round searching through the fire for the Illuminator.

So, to recap, Fizboth is still alive, the players don’t have the Illuminator, Michelle is nearly on his death bed, Breka is looking to get arrested, and the whole town is crawling with the Duke’s soldiers. Oh well…it seemed like such a good plan.


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