Crooked House

Session 27 - Fizboth's journal

Finding Fizboth’s Journal

Pierre stood over the dead necromancer still exulting in victory. The only good necromancer is a dead necromancer. Even though he had slain Fizboth 20 minutes ago, he was still celebrating. The rest of the party, some of them nearly dead, were recovering. Breka prayed in the corner. Sage healed people. Chunks of destroyed flesh golem were everywhere, and James the Angry was trying to search Fizboth’s body. “Get out of the way, Pierre, you colossal dick!”

“You just wish you had killed him”

James found, among other possessions, a pouch with curiously shaped wood pieces. They detected magical. “Hmm” interjected Michelle. “Looks like a puzzle”

After some recovery, they began to inspect the room a bit more closely. Sage noticed a section of wall that could be a secret door, and which had an oddly shaped indent beside it. “This doesn’t look like any kind of keyhole i know of, but i”m pretty sure its connected to the door. I hate magic."

After some poking and prodding by various party members, Michelle brought out the wooden pieces and began trying to fit them in the hold. “Maybe these are the key. A weird magical puzzle key.” With everyone’s help, they were soon arranged so they perfectly fit into the keyhole. Suddenly, the stonework creaked and like a clockwork, some mechanism opened the secret door to reveal a closet sized niche. FIlled with another flesh golem!

But, one flesh golem was no match for 6 brave adventurers. Soon it too was reduced to a disgusting pile of body parts and fluids. The closet sized niche was Fizboth’s treasure chamber! Inside was a small box. James opened the small box and was surprised by a small explosion, burning off his eyebrows and singing his fine half-elven hair. “F^c&!”

Michelle took the charred box from the smoldering half-elf and looked inside. It contained a small book. Upon opening Michelle found that it was Fizboth’s journal. Immediately the party began reading it. It contained much information about the Core Lands. Fizboth had spent several months trying to decipher the power structures and ecosystem of this cursed land.

The two most startling discoveries from Fizboth’s journal was that there was a very powerful Lich that lived in the ruins of the capital city of the former Eternal Empire of the Sun. The Lich went by the name Malleous Githorum. The second was that the old city was protected by a strong magical barrier. This barrier, though, had a key. It was similar to the smaller puzzle-key that Fizboth had made, but on a much larger scale. The charred box had one magical piece of the puzzle. Through divination and other means, Fizboth had found the likely locations of the 6 other pieces and noted them in his journal.

The next steps in the hero’s ongoing quest was now clear – find the other 6 pieces of the puzzle-key so that they could destroy Malleous Githorum.

The hunt begins

The players, armed with their dead foes journal, set off through the dangerous core lands. They met a group of impoverished orcs who collected a small toll to pass one the few roads through the Core Lands. Sage barely managed to keep his cool.

They then encountered a tribe of Hill Orcs in the ruins of an old city, The brigands were quickly disposed of.

Finally, they made it to an island that Fizboth had described as the residence of a strange cult. The cult seems in some ways to center around water. Indeed the setting is on and island in a river that is full of many springs. The players met some of the very friendly practitioners was managed to obtain an audience with the second highest official in the cult.


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