Crooked House

Session 14 - We've got a crew, but I want my mummy

The orc raiding party lay dead all about the feet of the party as they scavanged what they could. James the Angry cast a detect magic, and lo and behold, the orc captian’s sword and the orc mage’s bracers both glowed. There was also the spell book of the mage, which both James and Michelle took great interest in, especially the mirror image spell that had been used to so much effect against the party.

Michelle cast and identify spell on these items, plus several potoins that the party had gathered along the way. While this was going on, Ryktbar and Jeremiah the half goblin started to work on the ship. Over the next day they made just enough repairs so that the boat could float in the river. It took another week of repairs before Jeremiah was confident they wouldn’t sink while sailing.

Jeremiah and Ryktbar’s sailing skills together with the party’s hard work could get the boat to putter along the shore, but would be no match for the open ocean. Sailors were needed. They had the choice to cut across the Burgundy sea to the Princely Free States, or to putter up the coast all the way back to Mars where they had begun the sailing portion of the adventure. They wisely choose to take the slow road up the shallow waters of the coast.

In two weeks they had limped into the harbor at Mars. The customs agent eyed them suspiciously at first, but allowed them to proceed after some money was exchanged. Jeremiah helped them hire a skeleton crew of 18 for the journey, plus several other shipwrights to make reparis. The new crew and the party were hard at work makign the Moon Gazer ship-shape. The players also had some time to heal up and practice their skills – James the Angry and Sage both attended to religious affairs and Michelle studied his spell books and loaded up his ion stones.

So, it was off the the Hidden Isles at last. The crew, when informed of their destination, nearly mutinied, but were persuaded to sail past the Goblin Isles into waters unknown. But which of the Hidden Isles to journey to? One of them had an icon of a light house on the map, which seemed as good as any to journey to. However, a large storm blew up and changed their plans. The boat was blown into a kelp sea near an small island. Michelle, Sage, James, and Ryktbar decided to explore the island while the crew and the rest of the party cut the Moon Gazer loose.

After only a short distance the players spotted a large stone edifice. After hiking further through the dense semi-tropical forest, they saw a very larged steped pyrimid. They explored the remainder of the island before heading into the pyrimid, and found only the ruins of a long abondoned building. So, they headed into the pyrimid. There were two entrances, and they decided to explore the top entrance first. The air inside the pyrimid was strangly dry compared to the moistness of the jungle. Several large bats flew out of the darkness, but James and Sage both managed to charm one. They then headed further in and found a small oval shapped room with a barrel vault ceilign. It was well apportioned and contianed an alter, a large chest, and a wardrobe. James found some fancy priestly vestments while Michelle found three zombies in the chest. Fortunatly James drew out his preistly symbol and destroyed all three in a single invocation. The explorers decided to put on the presitly vestments as disguise, as Sage had determined they were a part of some death cult.

They ventured further in found a spiral staircase going both up and down. They went up and found a large, circular room with a dias, upon which there were three coffins. These were richly decorated, while the walls contained many drawlings and symbols. James was pretty sure the drawling were about a little girl and her dog, while Michelle was pretty sure they had to do with the affairs of necromany. The party decided to plunder the coffins, and found only long dead bodies. After several minutes of exmamining the coffins, they heard a noise coming up the staircase. They set battle lines and saw, to their horror, a large undead mummy come up the stair case to attack. Several magic missles were used, after which both Sage and James seized up in fear. The mummy swiped several times missing, but did claw a wound in James’s arm. Ryktbar charged and knocked the paralized Sage out of the way of the mummy’s attacks, while Michelle continued to cast magic missles until finally destroying the mummy.

James’s wound was strangly impervious to healing magic and was quite irritated. Some oil of disenchantment temporarily releaved the irritation, but only for an hour or so. The player headed down to the lower chamber where they found the mummy’s tomb, along with a large supply of gold. They journeyed back to the ship, which was now nearly free.

The players still did not know which of the Hidden Isles they had landed on. They sailed south for a day, found nothing, returned the Mummy Isle, and then sailed NE to find the island with the lighthouse. A few hundred yards to the west there was a small cove with a small dock. The Moon Gazer laid anchor and the players ventured to the dock on a row boat. As they neared the dock, a small strange metal creature hopped. to the dock, welcomed them (“welcome to the Isle of Rest, the master is expecting you.”), and gave them a riddle to solve in order to come ashore. After some time Sage (of all people) guessed the correct answer.


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