Crooked House

Session 11 - Spice markets, sailing ships, and half-goblins

"The Hidden Isles?, nope, never heard of them"

The players made the long journey from the captial, Pars, to Mars, the main port city of the Burgundy Kingdom. Journey was by the main road and without incident, although they couldn’t be sure that they weren’t spied upon.

Mars was much bigger than either Pars or Guise, a large commercial city cut by canals and headed by a large fortified harbor. No need to check for weapons at the city gates, a large standing navy and army secured Mars. The players ventured to the harbor straight away and saw twelve sailing ships. After several unsucessfull attempts with other captains, Ryktbar found a Southmen ship and inquired about traveling West, beyond the Goblin Isles to a small group of isles out in the deep ocean. The southmen captain knew not of them, but informed the part that if they wished to travel beyond the Goblin Isles, they would need to sail on a goblin boat.

The first goblin captain they spoke with was very unfriendly, accusing the PCs of trying to steal trade routes. The second captain was visably disturbed when asked about the small group of islands, but after composing himself denied knowing of them. “But,…” piped up a young deckhand beside the captain, but shut up quickly after a sharp kick. “oh, don’t mind Jeremiah,” said the captain, “he’s just a half breed.”

After the captain left, Jeremiah arranged to meet the PCs in the spice market later. He told them that their boat had indeed been to the islands after being blown off course in a storm. He said the captain would never agree to go back, after the unspeakable horrors they saw. However, Jeremiah told them a strange tale of a boat in the middle of a forest, located in a wild place between the Granite dwarves and the Rock Orc tribe. Not only that, but Jeremiah had a map to the location. The PCs used their last remaining gold to purchase a heavy-duty levitation scroll and to book passage along with Jeremiah to be dropped off along the coast about a day’s walk from the supposed location of the land-locked boat.

After several days sea journey, they were dropped off by the captian. They waited on shore while Jeremiah secretly escaped from his ship and swam ashore. After journeying through the forest and getting close to the boat, Black Dagger scouted ahead and found the boat. It was a fine 2-masted galleon and still in fairly good condition. The keel of the boat was stuck in thick mud, and the boat more or less rested upright. However, Black Dagger also found the boat to be inhabited by a small band of Ogres, led by an Ogre Mage, and served by a small band of giant skeletal scorpians. Jeremiah’s map showing the location of the boat also showed an old castle. At this point both Sage and James-the-angry used their magic abilities to make freinds with an owl and a mouse respectively. The animals gave information on the boat’s inhabitants and their habits. The party decided to retreat to the abandoned castle and to lure the Ogres to this location. Along the way the PCs were attacked by 4 of the skeletal scorpians and easily defeated them.


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