Crooked House

Session 10 - On the road again

Please come talk to my associates...

After escaping the volitile situation in Guise, the characters were not only in-tact, but in possession of both the Ruby and the Illuninator. They put the two together and saw the map of the entire world for the first time. Off to the west, beoynd the Goblin Islands, lie the Hidden Islands. There the Holy Sword of Nicholas the Lich Slayer must be, according to the Fairy Queen.

So, off the party headed to the capital Par, then to the port city of Marsy. On the road one night, while sleeping, the party was attached by a hoard of skeletons commanded by two witches, one of whom looked familiar. They had a strange symbol on their outfits. The party managed to destroy the skeletons, but not before the two witches jumped off a cliff and then cast feather fall to escape. THe one witch looked quite similar to the female cleric who escaped in the same manner during the fight in the ruins of Nekeloti.

Further on down the road they were attacked again by two ogers who were under the control of Fizboth. Fizboth launched a fireball just before departing.

But, the PCs finally made it to the capital and found some slightly unreputable characters to trade their accumulated look for some magical weapons. Trades were made, but the criminal underground offered money for Black Dagger’s head. The PCs declined.


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